Généalogie des familles MARTINEAU et POUZET


MarriageGuillaume FORESTView this family

Birth of a daughter
Perrinne FOREST

Death of a husbandGuillaume FOREST
Death of a daughterPerrinne FOREST

  1. Generation 1
    1. . She married Guillaume FOREST. He died in 1683 in Vue 44220, Loire-Atlantique.

      Children of and Guillaume FOREST:

      1. Perrinne FOREST (16361686)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Perrinne FOREST, daughter of Guillaume FOREST and , was born in 1636 and died in 1686 in Vue 44220, Loire-Atlantique at the age of 50. She married Mathurin GRANJOUAND. He was born in 1634 and died in 1709 in Vue 44220, Loire-Atlantique at the age of 75.

      Children of Perrinne FOREST and Mathurin GRANJOUAND:

      1. Marguerite GRANJOUAND (16651709)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Marguerite GRANJOUAND, daughter of Mathurin GRANJOUAND and Perrinne FOREST, was born in 1665 and died in 1709 in Saint-Philibert 56233, Morbihan at the age of 44. She married Étienne HÉRY, son of Jean HÉRY and Marguerite DUBREUIL, in 1685 in Saint-Philibert 56233, Morbihan.

      Children of Marguerite GRANJOUAND and Étienne HÉRY:

      1. Mathurin HÉRY (1700)